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Latest Newsletter

View the latest issue of the EventPro Planner Connection below or use the buttons under the E-News Archives heading to the right and click on the date of a previous newsletter or bulletin. Send newsletter comments to or sign up to receive the newsletter.
EventPro Planner Connection

Volume 7, Issue 2
April 2013

What’s New? News Now at The PSI Connection
Limited-Time Sale: Buy 2 Users, Get Third 1 Free
Out and About: EventPro Planner Attends ACCED-I Conference
Welcome, New Clients! Profit System Inc. Thanks You

What’s New? The PSI Connection

For all the latest EventPro Planner News, you can now go to The Profit Systems Inc. (PSI) Connection, our recently launched news blog. 


You can browse all news from Profit Systems Inc., the parent company of EventPro and PMXpert, or if you just want to focus on your software product, click “EventPro Planner under the Categories heading in the right-hand column.


The PSI Connection will replace our quarterly newsletter, so stay in the know and sign up for email notifications. Simply enter your email address and click Follow in the upper right-hand column.

Limited-Time Sale: Buy 2 Users, Get Third 1 Free

Does everyone at your organization have their own user license for EventPro Planner Software?


If not, this is the perfect time to stock up on EventPro Planner User Licenses! Starting today, when you buy 2 User Licenses, you get a third one FREE, but only until Wednesday, April 17th, 2012 at 5:00 pm BST.


But, why get more user licenses? Can’t we just share?


Well, yes, people can share a user license, but only one person can log in with that license at a time.


Picture this, if you will…


You’re ready to get some serious work done. You log into EventPro Planner and…oh, wait…you can’t – the maximum users are already logged in.


Would that be annoying? Yes.  A waste of time and/or energy? Yes. But if you don’t have enough licenses for all your users, it’s probably happening to someone in your organization, and that’s dragging down productivity.


The More We Work Together, the Faster We’ll Be


No matter what we tell our kids, sharing is not fun!  Get EventPro Planner user licenses for your whole team so everyone can work concurrently for maximum efficiency.


Act now: before April 17, 2013

To take advantage of this limited time offer to buy 2 user licenses and get a third for free, contact our Sales Department before April 17, 2013.


+612 9504 6999
(Quote Promo Code EPPNL1304-AU)


This promotion only applies to current clients who have already purchased the software and have a valid UPP (Upgrade Protection Plan) contract. Additional UPP Charges will apply to the additional users. This promotion cannot be applied retroactively to previous purchases. It does not have cash value and cannot be combined with any other promotional or discount offer. No substitutions or transfer rights will be given. Promotion code EPPNL1304-AU must be quoted to receive this offer. Offer expires on April 17, 2013, at 5:00PM, BST

Out and About: EventPro Planner Attends ACCED-I Conference

In March, EventPro Planner Software attended the 33rd Annual ACCED-I Conference in Toronto, Canada.  This was the 8th year EventPro Planner Software has attended this conference hosted by ACCED-I (Association of Collegiate Conference and Event Directors – International), which represents over 1,500 campus professionals who plan events on college and university campuses. 


It was exciting to have the conference come to Canada this year, and wonderful to see both new and familiar faces.  We always enjoy the opportunity to connect with our clients in both a business and personal environment.


Because institutions of learning, like colleges and universities, are one of the industries EventPro Planner Software serves, we welcome this chance to discuss event planning and management with experienced campus professionals. ACCED-I members provide valuable feedback about how we can further enhance our software to meet the needs of campus event planners.


We always look forward to meeting our clients personally!  Keep up to date about future face-to-face events by visiting our brand new PSI Connection blog.  

Welcome, New Clients! Profit System Inc. Thanks You

Profit Systems Inc., the parent company of EventPro and PMXpert Software, would like to extend a warm welcome to all of the companies that have recently decided to partner with us. 

A Personal Touch Creations
Chamber SWLA
Goddard Space Flight Center
Mallet Event Center & Arena
Oncology Nursing Society
Refreshing Mountain Camp
Reser’s Fine Foods
SPE Nigeria
St Johns Park Bowling Club
US Bank

Thank you for choosing Profit Systems Inc.!


To all of our clients, recent or long-time – we want to hear your opinions and ideas about EventPro Planner Software!  How has EventPro Planner been working out for your organization? Is there something more that EventPro Planner could do for you?


Write to us at We will be more than happy to hear from you!

Make the Most of Your Investment: Software Update

The latest EventPro Planner Software Update, Version, is now available. Take a moment to update your software, or ask your system administrator to do so. 


Why update your software? Software Updates ensure you are getting the best version of EventPro Planner. With each new version, our developers add enhancements, fixes and new features – including features suggested by valued clients like you – so that you get the maximum benefit from your software investment

To download the newest Software Update, log in to the EventPro Planner Support Website. Click on the Downloads tab and click on the EventPro Planner Install V2.4.6.565 link. 


Remember – you need a current Upgrade Protection Plan (UPP) to access software updates and upgrades. If your Upgrade Protection Plan has lapsed, contact our Sales Team as soon as possible to reactivate it at the best price.
+612 9504 6999


To get notifications of EventPro Planner Software Updates as soon as possible, follow us on Twitter @plannerupdates.


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