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Volume 6, 2011

Happy New Year!

EventPro Software ACCED-I Region 5 Scholarship Winner: Jill Schmitz

EventPro Planner's 2011 in Review: Did You Miss Anything?

Make the Most of Your Investment: Update Your Software


Volume 5, 2011

EventPro Planner at HSMAI's MEET National Event

See You There! Face-to-Face with EventPro at IAFE Convention

Did You Know? Negotiations Track Savings

Software Update: Version


What's New? New Websites Under Construction

Don't Just Take Our Word for It: Praise for EventPro Planner

The Company Behind EventPro Planner Software: Profit Systems Inc.

Software Update: Version


What's New? New EventPro Planner Logo

Upcoming Website Redesign

EventPro Planner is on Facebook

Printed User Manuals Now Available for Purchase

Make the Most of Your Investment: Update Your Software


Happy New Year!

EventPro Planner's 2010 in Review: Did You Miss Anything?

What's Coming Up This Year? More New Features for You

Make the Most of Your Investment: Update Your Software


Volume 4, 2010

What's New? New and Improved Attendee Online

Coming Soon: Automation Service Notifies Your Go-To People

Software News: Autumn Software Upgrade


What's New? EventPro Planner Blog and Twitter Updates

News: EventPro Planner at MPI World Education Congress

Feature in Focus: Manage Resources and Avoid Conflicts with New Module

Helpful Hint: How to Change Taxes

Software Update: Version

Support Notification: Microsoft Office 2010 64-bit Compatibility


Feature in Focus: Event Category Letter Templates

Did You Know? Send Multiple Reports in a Communication

Software Update: Version


What's New? 2009 in Review

Helpful Hint: Save Time with Communcation Defaults

Did You Know? Attendee Classifications are Color-Coded

Software Update: Version


Volume 3, 2009

Feature in Focus: Track Travel Arrangements

Helpful Hint: Cleaning House with EventPro Planner Purge

Did You Know? Reports Have the Info You Need

Software Update: Version


What's New? On the Road with EventPro - 2009 MPI Conference

Feature in Focus: Track Accommodations

Helpful Hint: Email Quick Fix

Did You Know? Wizards Make Tasks “Magically” Easy

Software Update: Version


What's New? Latest Software Upgrade

Feature in Focus: New Email Synchronisation

Helpful Hint: Add an Itinerary to Event Functions

Did You Know? How to Create a “Do Not Contact By” List

Software Update: Version


What's New? 2008 in Review

Rave Reviews: Run Events Flawlessly with EventPro Planner

Feature in Focus: Attendee Module

Helpful Hint: Organising you Company/Contact View

Did You Know? You Can Send One Email to Multiple Recipients

Software Update: Version


Volume 2, 2008

What's New? EventPro Opens U.K. Branch

Feature in Focus: Budgeting Easy with the Right Tool

Software Update: Version

Helpful Hint: Re-allocate or Un-allocate Payments

Did You Know? Error Reports Analyzed by Real People


What's New? New Help and Website

Feature in Focus: New Invoicing Options

Software Update: Version

Helpful Hint: Get the Most Out of Planner

Did You Know? Simplify Navigation with Tab Visibility


What's New? EventPro Opens Australia Branch

Feature in Focus: Assigning Tables and Seating Arrangements

Software Update: Version 2.0

Helpful Hint: How Do I Find a Record in the Find Window?

Did You Know? Use Mail Merge to Promote Business

What's New? A Year in Review
Software Training: Increase Productivity, Save Valuable Time
Software Update: Version 2.0
Feature in Focus: Booths and Exhibitors
Helpful Hint: How to Create Invoices
Did You Know? Track Attendee Communications

Volume 1, 2007

What's New: EventPro Planner User Manual
Software Update: Dec. 1, 2007 Version 1.8 Release
Helpful Hint: Linking Images Saves Space
Did You Know? Negotiations Track Savings
What's New: Improved Phone System
Feature in Focus: Attendee Online
Helpful Hint: Back Up Your Data
Software Update: Version
Did You Know: Import Records, Save Time
What's New: EventPro Planner Connection
Software Update: New and Enhanced Features
Feature in Focus: Video Manual
Helpful Hint: Upgrade Protection Plan
Did You Know: International Presence

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