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EventPro Planner Software Features

Listed below are many of EventPro Planner's main features. Additional information about the software is also available by viewing the brochure or the online tours. To learn directly how to benefit from EventPro Planner, request an online demonstration with one of our sales representatives - it's free!


For more EventPro Planner features, download our printable PDF Event Management Software Checklist, which you can use to quickly and easily compare EventPro Planner’s features to other software on the market.




Ease of Use
Tab organisation facilitates quick, easy navigation. Use quick tabs to quickly move from the booking grid to event management details, customer contacts, venues, and suppliers.
Wizards will guide you through the important steps of a booking and makes the system user-friendly (especially for users with minimal computer experience or new employees). This saves time and ensures that all necessary information is captured.
Automatic Reminders (Actions)
The internal reminder system creates 'actions' - automatic pop up windows that notify users of impending tasks and to-do's.
Staff Management
Allows for multiple users. Assign events or tasks, send messages, or set reminders for other users from inside the program.
Get fast, detailed information with professionally designed, built in reports, or customise reports with the report explorer.
Create itineraries for attendees, speakers and sponsors, and produce reports that can be emailed directly to participants.
Comprehensive Financial Control
Manage accounting, invoicing and budgeting from within EventPro Planner. Track your actual vs. budgeted expenditure through the entire event process.
All communications are recorded in a log. Message other users and set reminders for yourself. Merge client or attendee information into form letters, mailing labels, or directly into the body of an email.
Data Import and Export
Import data via the mapping and import wizard. Import external attendee files directly into the system. Reports are easily exportable to a number of formats: RTF, XLS and PDF.
An online registration module is available for publishing events and attendee data to a website.
Track Complete Event Details
Record, update and search items such as attendee types, registrations, client communications, budgets and more.
Controlled User Security
Control the tasks users are allowed to perform, and the information they can view. Allows users access to different areas according to their responsibilities, while giving other users view-only rights.
Graphical Event Booking View
Change dates, add or remove days, or assign events to a new planner by dragging and dropping events on the calendar.
Graphical Event Detail Calendar
Schedule event functions with the graphical drag and drop view. Break down each hour of an event into individual functions and setup requirements.
Highly Customisable
Add user-defined fields to virtually any record, or remove the tabs not required.
Detailed Client Records
Record available room types and features. Search venues by feature to find appropriate locations for new event bookings.
Track Suppliers
Keep detailed supplier records to manage catering, labor and staffing, and setup items.
Comments Fields
Comment tabs allow the entering of detailed event information which can be printed in any of the numerous report formats.
Manage Attendee Registrations
Track all attendee details such as travel arrangements and room and item requirements.

Other Features Include:

Attendee Badges – Press the print button to automatically generate your attendee badges for any event

Seating Charts and Table Assignments – Easily manage seating arrangements and table selections. You can then print a report By Attendee or By Table.

Security – Control and assign which screens users can access as well as view and edit rights.

Booking Calendar – This feature allows you to view all your events in a calendar view in Year, Week or Day format. You can filter by Event Status or by Event Manager.

Import Attendee Lists – Do you receive attendee lists in Microsoft Excel, CSV (comma separated values) or Microsoft Access? EventPro Planner will allow you to “Import” all attendee, eliminating hours of typing.

* To produce new reports, previous experience with SQL scripts and report building is required.
** Customisation requires previous experience with HTML programming.

New Releases!
Update to the latest version of EventPro Planner to continue receiving the maximum benefits from the software. Remember, to receive updates a current Upgrade Protection Plan is required. If your Upgrade Protection Plan has lapsed, contact
Learn more about the latest release of EventPro Planner by reading the article "Software Update" in the latest issue of the EventPro Planner Connection.

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