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Attendee Online Registration Software

A leader in online registration software, Attendee Online is a web application that works in accordance with EventPro Planner Software. It enables online attendee registration by functioning as a web server.  Developed in ASP.Net and configured through Internet Information Services (IIS), Attendee Online is the ideal choice for a robust, feature rich and easy to customise online attendee registration solution. Online event registration examples can be viewed below.


Attendee Online Features and Benefits

System Requirements for Attendee Online


User Hosted

Why pay another online registration company up to $5.00 per registrant with expensive setup fees for every new event? With EventPro Planner's Attendee Online, you pay a One Time Fee to purchase the application outright, and can have as many events and registrants as you want without paying again and again! Attendee Online is the economical and cost effective choice for accepting online registrations.

Examples of Attendee Online

To view an example of Attendee Online's functionality, click on one of the images.
Attendee Online Conference Example


Attendee Online Example3 - Winery Event


Attendee Online Example2 - Management Conference


Attendee Online Example4 - Fashion Show Event


Enhanced Features

Collecting attendee registration information is a time consuming job. Let attendees take the work off your hands by registering themselves with the newly enhanced Attendee Online.


Here are some of the fantastic benefits:

Look Great. Your Online Event Registration website will look sleek and professional with Attendee Online’s new interface.


Customise. What’s the event vibe? Let your Registration Website speak for itself. Customise your pages for each event by adding a logo, choosing a new color theme and changing page descriptions.


Collect. Get the information you need for each event with the easy-to-setup registration forms. Select entry fields, show/hide pages, and enter descriptions - No special programming skills required!


Book. Just imagine that you don't have to record each painstaking detail for each attendee's travel and accommodation reservations. Now, open your eyes - it's real! In the new Attendee Online, you can allow attendees to enter their own travel and accommodation details, or select from travel and accommodation reservations pre-configured in the event in EventPro Planner - the choice is yours.


Provide. Will attendees need special equipment for the event? Let them tell you. The new Requirements page allows registrants to select items from Event Resource Setup.


Help. Getting too many “How do I do this?” calls? Give your registrants a virtual helping hand with your own customised User Help pop-ups in your online registration pages.


Notify. Easy-to-setup notifications will automatically confirm registrations for attendees and any other interested parties you define.


Get Paid. Integrate with an online pay system for additional convenience.

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EventPro Planner communicates with Attendee Online by uploading and downloading information to and from a web server. You decide which information is entered online by the attendees and then download this registration information right into EventPro Planner. The data is then automatically organised and available to print in several reports which can be customised to your specific needs.


System Requirements for Attendee Online

Software Feature


EventPro Planner
Version or higher
Operating System
Windows Server 2003+
Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework, Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0+
Knowledge of web servers in general. Previous experience with HTML/CSS programming is not required, except to create custom background/color themes.


Important! Installing V3.x does not uninstall/overwrite V2.x. Please uninstall V2.x before installing V3.x but DO NOT uninstall V2.x while you currently have events in progress that are using Attendee Online V2.x for your attendee registrations.  If you can’t find a suitable time where you have no events running that are using Attendee Online for the registrations then please contact support to discuss your options for switching to Attendee Online V3.x.


New Releases!
Update to the latest version of EventPro Planner to continue receiving the maximum benefits from the software. Remember, to receive updates a current Upgrade Protection Plan is required. If your Upgrade Protection Plan has lapsed, contact
Learn more about the latest release of EventPro Planner by reading the article "Software Update" in the latest issue of the EventPro Planner Connection.

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